1. looking back.


  2. WA.

    I created a quick brand identity for myself and hand printed it too.


  3. I take photos.

    Here are some photos that I have taken. Also finished wire framing and now starting to code for my website. I am making good headway on some new personal design projects too! I am really looking forward to sharing some of them soon! (Hint hint one might be getting published!)


  4. light & shadows.



  6. The heads of the royals and rich.


  7. fresh fruit.


  8. View from the university. 


  9. When it rains it pours. 


  10. Oli.

    Very encouraging & fun time getting dinner, talking photos, bar hoping, learning TONS of new photographing & editing techniques and exploring the streets of Rome with Oli Sansom the last two day. (dream come true)