1. recent happenings. 


  2. One of those weeks.

    I am obviously working hard…


  3. recents via Iphone.

    From art projects, crazy parties in Canada, hungover mornings, playing music with friends, or cold Seattle mornings life has been busy and full of excitement.


  4. first draft.

    Hand done concept draft for a poster that I will be making. 


  5. recents.


  6. Canon + IPhone.

    I have been in California for the last week with only my camera, IPhone, Journal, and small bag of clothes with me. I have been enjoying the sun, beaches, and company of good friends. Driving back up to Seattle tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of post, but here is a glimpse of my time, more photos to come. 


  7. recent.

    pool // 1963 Slingerland Jazz Kit.



  9. Building tools.