1. I am very happy to announce that my website is up, though content is still being worked. I finished the CSS, HTML, and Jquery. but right now I am shuffling through four years of projects and trying to only put up the best. 


  2. looking back.


  3. 5

    5 songs / artist that I have been listening to a lot lately. Enjoy.

    1. The Weekend

    2. Clipping

    3. Arctic Monkeys

    4. Pepper Rabbit

    5. The Vaccines


  4. WA.

    I created a quick brand identity for myself and hand printed it too.


  5. I take photos.

    Here are some photos that I have taken. Also finished wire framing and now starting to code for my website. I am making good headway on some new personal design projects too! I am really looking forward to sharing some of them soon! (Hint hint one might be getting published!)


  6. light & shadows.


  7. Recents. 


  8. Anchor Socks

    Photo by : whittakerdunn.


  9. Gasping For Air


    I must say that I am sorry for the lack of post lately. Life has been far over my head this summer. I have been working on editing photos from Rome, Weddings, Editorial shoots, and more plus organizing all my photos from 2010–present. I have also started a new design job & I am still freelancing (working on some really cool projects!). I also try to make it a point to spend as much time out of the city going on adventures. I will be posting a lot of new material soon. OH! plus I am currently working on coding my website built completely from scratch! (the website will not be launched for a while though, sorry) For more constant updates follow me on Instagram @wesleyandphone 

    Thank you for all the messages lately about seeing new work and the encouraging words!


    Wesley Anderson 


  10. believed in other planets.